• Place only bulky items out for this pick-up, not loose garbage.
  • All items should be placed by the roadside by 7:30 am on the Monday your area is to be served.  We will only make one trip on each road.
  • Place tires away from other items. (Maximum 8 passenger  tires per household.  If maximum number is exceeded, resident will be billed $2 per passenger tire, $5 per commercial truck tire, and $8 per cubic yard for agricultural/construction tires with an additional $1.75 per ton)
  • Place appliances and metal together.
  • Place batteries next to tires.
  • Paints and liquids will not be picked up.
  • Wood or brush will not be picked up.
  • The bulky item pickup is for residential use only (No businesses).  This pickup does not include city pickup in Bardstown, Bloomfield, and New Haven.


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